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The Difference Between Getting an Approval and Earning a Customer

If you have ever seen an ad from Motor City, you probably know that we market spefically towards people with bad credit.


The answer is pretty simple: We are good at it. Like really good at it.

We can get people approved through normal banks that might only otherwise be able to go through "Buy Here, Pay Here" dealers.

In the few months Motor City has been open and has immersed itself in the community, we have come to experience a common theme that frusturates us.

Actually, it infuriates us.

The reality is that dealers claiming to be "bad credit" experts are a dime a dozen. Many places like to paint a pretty picture of how getting approved for a loan is simple, but that is only half of the story.

The "Broken Down Car You Are Still Paying For" Story

Some reading this post might be very familiar with the story I am about to tell:

A customer goes to a dealership that advertises their ability to get anybody approved. (These dealers are not hard to find, just type "bad credit car dealer" into Google.)

The customer brings in their downpayment and proof of income. A couple of hours later, they drive away in a new car.

Now here's where the infuriating part comes in:

Only a couple of weeks later, the vehicle breaks down. Then it breaks down again. And again. And again.

All the while, the customer is still on the hook for the loan payments.

Ultimately what happens?

Well, in most cases the customer ends up defaulting on the loan. Regardless of what happened, the customer is still going to have a "charge-off" on their credit.

Now the customer's credit is actually in worse shape than when they started.

This happens a lot and it shouldn't.

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The Buried In a Car You Can't Pay For Story

This is another story my readers may be quite familiar with:

A customer understands that they have bad credit and ends up purchasing a vehicle simply because they can get approved on it.

Let me be clear, this is a fine way to approach getting a loan to rebuild your credit.

However, the terms of these loans have to be such that are beneficial to the customer.

The dealer tells the customer they will be able to refinance and get a lower interest rate within a year or two.

Once again, this is completely legitimate, but only if the terms of the loan are conducive to being able to do so.

A year down the road, the customer tries to trade out of the car they didn't really like but understood that if they made all of their payments on time, they would rebuild their credit and eventually get out of the loan. Then they get the news:

They are buried by $3,000 to $4,000.


The answer is simply because the dealer was not really interested in setting their customer up with a loan that made sense over the long term, but rather just selling a car.

The Difference Between Getting An Approval And Earning A Customer

The difference between getting a customer approved and earning a customer for the long term is the ability to set the customer up to have long term success. This means not charging a customer too much for a car and servicing vehicles in a way that they don't break down shortly after the loan start.

If you currently have bad credit, it is very important for you to understand that you don't need to have bad credit forever. By choosing a dealer that is not going to set you up for failure, you will give yourself every chance for long term success. Click below to start yourself on the right path.


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