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FAQ: Getting a Bad Credit Car Loan

Getting a bad credit car loan is easy if you work with the right people and have the right information. Read this for the most frequently asked questions related to the process of getting a bad credit car loan and how to set yourself up for our guaranteed credit approval program.

If I have bad credit, is it really easy to get a car loan?

Yes. However, there are going to be many more stipulations from the bank for them to grant an approval than a good credit car loan. Don't worry, read this article to learn what you will need. Then you should download our "Secrets to Driving a Car Home Today".

What do I need to bring to get approved?

You will need three things: Proof of Income, Proof of Residence, and your Down Payment. If you bring these three things, more than likely we will be able to get you approved on the spot.

Do I really need a down payment?

Many banks have found that the most likely bad credit car loans to default are loans that do not have money down. While money down is required, if you select the right vehicle, you will minimize the amount down that will be required to secure an approval.

I really like a certain car in your inventory, can you get me approved on it?

We have a Guaranteed Credit Approval Program (click here for an in depth expanation of this program) which means we can get you approved any vehicle in our inventory. However, in the banks' eyes, some vehicles may be more desirable for you to take a loan out on, so the parameters of the approvals may not always work for you. If you really want a vehicle in our inventory, click here to start the process of getting your approval.

Will I have a high interest rate if I take out a bad credit auto loan?

In most cases the answer is yes. Interest rates are determined based on the risk of a loan and the way a bank determines that is your credit history. If you have not performed on past credit lines, your risk will be higher. However, if you come to the table with a strong down payment, the risk of the loan will be less and you can more than likely drop your interest rate substantially.


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